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Interactive Audience Response System (ARS)

What is Audience Response Systems (ARS)?

Audience response systems sometimes referred to by their acronym ARS, allow participants at a meeting or other event to respond to questions, vote on candidates and prioritize lists of goals or action items. All attendees are able to participate and even the "quiet" people have a voice.

How does Audience Response System (ARS) works?

Audience Response System (ARS) allows large groups of people to vote on a topic or answer a question. Each person has a remote control with which selections can be made. Each remote communicates with a computer via receivers located around the room or via a single receiver connected to the presenter's computer using a USB connector. After a set time - or when all participants have answered - the system ends the polling for that particular question and tabulates the results. Typically, the results are instantly made available to the participants via a bar graph displayed on the projector.

In Brief:

What are the applications of Audience Response System (ARS) ?

Audience response is utilized across a broad range of industries and organizations. A few examples include:

What are the benefits of Audience Response System (ARS) ?

Audience Response Systems (ARS) operated by some of the most efficient, powerful and versatile learning and entertainment tools is available today. They allow both meeting facilitator and audience to immediately “see” combined participants' responses in a variety of formats with our advanced audience response software. Our interactive audience response system is a powerful communications tool that captures significant data and opinions. We are proud to introduce ARS in Kuwait.

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